Friday, April 3, 2009

Peru - Here I Come! Now - What to Pack

Ann and I are off to Peru. However, we are going to Peru by way of Canada. Don't ask. We are going to mainly be in Cusco with a few days reserved for Lima and the outlying areas.

Now the big questions are:
What to Pack?
Where to stay?

I know I am going to need some kind of rain gear and I am back to scouring the LL Bean Site. Who knew that 14 years after the high school backpack, I'd be back wanting something from LL Bean. But I think I found the raincoat.

Sarah just got back and told me to bring a hat. Ugh - that is one accessory I don't do well with. Oh well. Any suggestions I am always open to them.

Finally I want to only carry on and I think that means a backpack... Now where to get one of those...


With a month left, we have to find a place to stay in Cusco. Any recommendations are very welcome.

Long time, no Blog

Unfortunately there were no big international trips in 2008. However, 2008 saw my first time to Nebraska and a lovely time in Sea Grove with my family. I hadn't been there in ages.

2008 marked the beginning of a new job where I am traveling a lot for work. I've been able to get back to Amish country, see the Buick Invitational at Torrey Pines, make it back to Cincinnati and get out to San Diego a lot. So I am earning those miles and waiting to cash them in for the next big trip.

I was able to take a mini-break and get to Cabo. I've been there before and it is still gorgeous with perfect weather. I can see why celebrities always go there. One of the fun adventures was Deep Sea fishing.I never thought I'd go deep sea fishing, but there I was and I caught a marlin and a red snapper. It was amazing.

Next up - in about a month heading to Peru. Looking forward to it.