Friday, May 15, 2009

Lima Tour

OK I think this might be the last post. This morning after a wonderful breakfast at our hotel, we went on a Lima city tour. It was looking a litte ominous as the bus picked us up and we picked up three other couples who were older than my parents and only spoke Spanish. But then we met up with the other groups and got on the big English bus.

We went to all the neighborhoods seeing the olive groves, ruins, the museum that houses all of the pre-columbian art and gold, the St. Francis church and monastary and the catacombs beneath as well as the main square and changing of the guards.

The strangest part were all of the kids. There were school kids everywhere and they kept wanting our signatures. Then all of the sudden, the Asian tourists on our bus started signing the kids arms. So then they would come up to us holding out their pen and arms. It was weird... "Katty y Ana" signed some arms and books... Again, so strange.

Adios de Peru! Off to lunch and then the airport!

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