Friday, May 15, 2009

Other tourists

OK forgot a few things.

So on the Lima tour there was this guy traveling by himself from the US. Part of our tour consisted of catacombs, which were used more as a cemetary. In the meantime, they excavated and they just have tons of bones. So this guy thought it was so funny to go up to everyone and say - think of how much soup you could make with these bones. Umm, no one laughed. It was so strange

After lunch, Ann and I decided to spend our last couple of hours going to these ruins up the street from our hotel. The only way to see these ruins is to take a tour so they asked if we could wait a few minutes for the English one. So of course we did and it was us and this old couple from Miami. It is like they stepped off the Love Boat. He had on the dark pants with the jacket and the very colorful hankerchief in the pocket. She had the puffiest stiffest hair all dolled up with her linen pants and flashy silk tank top and jacket. They were a piece of work. He would ask ALL of these questions that the tour guide could not answer about beans, plants, the number of people, tools, etc. It was a riot.

Now our taxi is going to be here in 15 minutes so we can be to the airport 3 hours eary. Its a rule. There is a german family in the lobby getting professional pictures taken. I think there is going to be a wedding. It is so random.

Oh and final observation. There are a ton of gringo guys here with peruvian brides. It started with the french canadian on my flight and lima is just chock full of the gringos and peruvian brides.

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